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Franco Petra

Franco Petra


Hi! I craft experiences through digital products. Currently building Crew AI.

I'm working on zkMaps a Proof of Location protocol that focuses on user's privacy.

Also spending some time on Optimal, a really fun stealth project that combines music, web3 and the metaverse.#

As a side project I'm building Remixer, a dapp where musicians can mint songs and reference to other sounds within the Lens ecosystem.

In 2017 I founded Linhub, a startup to enable online mental health therapy. After this, I transitioned from programming as a hobby to becoming a professional programmer.

I also hold a bachelor's degree in business. In the pursuit of a better way for people to organize, I started to study anthropology and worked with grassroots movements. In 2017 I learned about crypto and DAOs, which completely blew my mind and motivates me to think about new way to coordinate until today.

Come say hi on Twitter!